British Association Website

British Infection Association Website with Membership



The British Infection Association's (BIA) website was in need of full redesign and redevelopment, membership integration and management, restructuring, new content to add value to its membership, attract new members and impart all the information, knowledge and educational resources, events, journals, grants and awards, training day activities of the association.




A fully featured association website with membership delivered, including members areas, membership management (with online direct debits and automatic renewals), resource and guidelines, integrated infection journal access for both of BIA's journals with latest article feeds, conference study days, sub committee and working group, news and associatoni communications and enewsletters. trainees area, infection jobs, and much more. Showcasing and increasing the BIA's membership offering.

Membership increased 10-20% in the first 12 months of the websites launch through inceased engagement and conversion of website visitors and prospective members to BIA members.


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