Intenational Development Alliance

Scottish INternational Development Alliance website


The Scottish International Development Alliance are a membership lead charity that help organisations and individuals in the Scottish international development sectory realise their full potential - through training, education, networking, linkage and providing toolkits, workshops, and guidelines for best practise. Their website was in need of attention after many years, with multiple editors, poor third party integrations, membership onboading issues, other usabilty issues and pain points.





The website's design was enhanced, the websites content and structure were rationalised and consolidated to improve usabilty and users experiences, and proper integration of aspects such as membership CRMs to facilitate a much improved user experience and user journeys. The website software and membership CRM were improved and updated and for security. Additional training and support were given to the Alliance staff team for website updating and membership management in their CRM. Further support and  assistance given over the pandemic with taking services, evnets and their community online.


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